Developed by a former Philadelphia Election Commissioner with funding from the National Science Foundation, ElectionShield uses state-of-the-art anomaly analysis to monitor election results in real time for irregularities warranting internal investigation.

At the push of a button, ElectionShield allows an administrator to run tens of thousands of automated reviews of the election canvass, and quickly spot outliers for staff awareness well before results are certified. This allows election administrators to catch mistakes — and even malfeasance. Federal convictions for election fraud have resulted from investigations prompted by ElectionShield.

Dana DeBeauvoir
Dana DeBeauvoir
Travis County, TX Clerk (retired)

Thank goodness there’s finally a tool that can fight back against election misinformation and lies in a way that’s timely, clear, concise, and easily digestible by voters. This can really help lessen the damage caused by either ignorance or ne’er-do-wells.

Setting the standard

ElectionShield helps elections staff spot anomalies and errors instantly, without painstaking manual effort. It enables administrators to build a reasoned analysis of the results before -- not after -- journalists and bloggers try to catch them off guard with their own findings.

Feature Preview

Start with an overview of anomalies and drill down to individual contests, candidates, and precincts.

ElectionShield accepts exports directly from your tabulation system, and supplementary data files in any text-based or spreadsheet format. After upload, the system is entirely automated and results are available in minutes.

Security First

Protected, fast, and scalable

We process millions of election results data points rapidly and provide a comprehensive and internal anomaly report in seconds. This process is safe and secure.

Our engineers use “Infrastructure as Code” technologies to auto-scale all compute resources.


Level up your data quality control


Stay a Step Ahead

Fast, comprehensive analysis lets you find patterns and irregularities before anyone else does


Leverage Your Data to Improve Security

Improve resilience by finding any traces left in the data by election interference


Fight Back Against Misinformation

Finding irregularities early gives you time to find explanations before you’re asked about them

Election Verification Network Award
Election Verification Network Award
For Stephanie Singer

…The work itself is a creative and savvy combination of technical software engineering and a deep understanding of the context of elections, combining Stephanie’s unusual combination of scientific sophistication and concrete experience with election administration.”

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