Meet the Team

Meet the Team Meet the Team

Our Team

Adam Friedman

Founder & CEO

Adam is the CEO and Senior Software Engineer of Civera. He believes that technology plays a central role in how government can be most effective, accessible, and responsive to the needs of all people.

Susan McCall

Director of Data Services

Susan is the Director of Data Services, known for her passion and commitment to providing accurate results in data management. She is dedicated to driving projects to new heights.


Liza Abraham

Operations Fellow

Liza Abraham is an Operations Fellow. She brings an eclectic background of state government services, electoral campaigning, and database management to Civera. She thrives at the intersection of public administration and new technology.

Eric Jacobson

Director of Sales

Eric is the Director of Sales. He believes in solving problems for the government by utilizing revolutionary technology and establishing lasting, meaningful partnerships.


John Fleisch

Solutions Architect

John is an accomplished Solutions Architect with eight years of elections experience. He is focused on leveraging cutting-edge technologies to assist election officials and the constituents they serve.


Deni Bertovic

Senior Platform Engineer

Deni is a Senior Platform Engineer at Civera, specializing in cloud infrastructure and modern devops technologies. He is a functional programming enthusiast and enjoys learning about new and exciting technologies.


Matej Grozdanović

Senior Software Engineer

Matej is a Senior Full-Stack Engineer at Civera, specializing in bringing products to life. He has years of experience in product management, UX/UI, and development – with a focus on front-end development and a passion for creating products that delight their users.

John McParland

Software Engineer

John is a Software Engineer who specializes in leveraging the entire scope of cutting-edge web technologies to maximize usability, reliability, security, and performance of software. He is excited to build the next generation of civic technology.

Kamran Payne

Software Engineer

Kamran is a Software Engineer who values human-centered design. From pedestrian-forward urban planning to intuitive election reporting systems, he believes in—and strives for—a built environment that is accessible and empowering for all.

Tom Mayo-Smith

Software Engineering Fellow

Tom is a Software Engineer with experience building quantitative trading systems, fintech products, and AI-related tools. He is passionate about electoral reform and hopes to make data of civic interest broadly explorable and interpretable for all.


Christopher MacMaster

Data Engineering Fellow

Christopher is a Software Engineer with three years of experience in public opinion research. He is eager to utilize modern technologies in combination with historical data to enhance civic engagement.

Hank McGill

Data Engineering Fellow

Hank is a Full-Stack Software Engineer passionate about accessible design, DevOps, and learning new programming languages. He believes that through innovative technology, we can improve accountability and transparency in our government.

Kalman Gacs

UI/UX Designer

Kalman is a UI/UX Designer, artist, and senior strategic advisor. He believes that technology is a core component in maximizing the impact of mission-based organizations.

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