Meet the Team

Meet the Team Meet the Team

Our Team

Adam Friedman

Founder & CEO

Adam is the Founder & CEO of Civera and a senior software engineer. He believes that technology plays a central role in how government can be most effective, accessible, and responsive to the needs of all people.

Kalman Gacs

UI/UX Designer

Kalman is a UI/UX Designer, artist, and senior strategic advisor. He believes that technology is a core component in maximizing the impact of mission-based organizations.

Derek Olson

Senior Software & Data Engineer

Derek is a Senior Software & Data Engineer who builds application back-end systems and architects solutions for complex data migration and data storage projects.

John McParland

Junior Software Engineer

John is a Junior Software Engineer who specializes in leveraging the entire scope of cutting-edge web technologies to maximize usability, reliability, security, and performance of software. He is excited to build the next generation of civic technology.

Susan McCall

Senior QA Analyst

Susan is a Senior QA Analyst, proofreader, and administrator. She is committed to ensuring the utmost accuracy and comprehensive verifiability of public data.

Cameron Sweeney

Operations Associate

Cam is an Operations Associate who oversees data migration projects, manages office operations, and supports business development. He is passionate about making civic information available to the public.

Mark Rizzo

Business Development Lead

Mark is a Business Development Lead, with over 6 years of experience working intimately with state and local election administrators to help improve the efficiency and services for their office and for the constituents they serve.

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