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Vision + Values

Civera provides technology to build a better democracy by making civic information more available to everyday people, and to improve government operations, transparency, and accountability.

Our Vision

Access to government data is a human right. We believe government should provide a civic intelligence dashboard to allow all citizens a window into government data on a 24/7, real-time basis. We wish to replace the outmoded paradigm of transactional public records requests with always-on, live-updating databases of public information everywhere.

Justice Louis Brandeis wrote, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” Generous public access to government information provides an important oversight role that incentivizes accountability, and an unyielding demand for excellence throughout our public institutions.

Easing the Burden on Government. Bringing Public Data to Life.

Our civic intelligence solutions are a brilliant way to ease the operational burden on hard-working government staff. Offloading data requests to beautiful, engaging self-service data portals means staff can remain focused on their core mission and rise above “death by a thousand paper cuts.”

Civera is a dedicated partner to the government customers we serve. Their success is our success. Every day, we work hand-in-hand to build a better world by bringing public data to life.

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